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Stevens Industries, Inc.’s Legno Collection Recognized by Design Journal and Archinterious

December 29, 2014

By Amanda Emmerich

Stevens Industries, Inc. announced that their new specialty woodgrain line, the Legno Collection, has been recognized as one of the Best Products of 2014. Industry publications, Design Journal and Archinterious, recognize products with superior aesthetic and practical design appeal.

“We strive for innovation,” said Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mike Gibson. “The Legno Collection exemplifies our commitment to bringing dynamic new materials to our customers.”

For more than a decade, Stevens has led the field in thermofused laminate texture design. Their Legno Collection joins the line of successful woodgrain textures. The Artika and Rain textures have been wildly successful in both the Unites States and Canadian markets. That success is attributed to the rich, designer colors and deep grain textures.

Bill Lane, Marketing and Distribution Manager, stated, “Our customers trust Stevens to bring design-oriented, cutting edge products to the table. No longer is the market dominated by bland, unimaginative commodity colors. Our products are unapologetically luxurious, while remaining proudly durable.”

Stevens Industries, Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers of architectural casework and millwork in the United States, with a thriving panels and components division. A 100% employee-owned business, Stevens congratulates all the employee owners on this achievement.

For more information about Stevens Industries, Inc., visit or contact Stevens Industries spokeswoman, Amanda Emmerich, at 217-857-7145.