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Stevens Industries, Inc.’s Legno Collection wins ADEX Design Award

March 10, 2015

By Amanda Emmerich

Stevens Industries, Inc. recently received national recognition for the Legno Collection, one of their proprietary, custom wood grain collections. Legno garnered an ADEX award for design excellence. Industry publications, Design Journal and Archinterious, recognized design mediums for their consumer appeal and value to the building community.

Mike Gibson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, stated, “The market for thermofused laminate products expanded exponentially in recent years. Laminate panels are used in commercial and private sectors. Our work can be seen in the store shelving we make for major retailers, wall panel systems in bank lobbies, and welcome desks and nurses stations in state-of the art hospitals. Individual consumers may see our work in a home closet, through our work with national closet companies, or in custom cabinetry made by craftsmen supplied by our distribution network. Our industry has been quick to embrace new technology to provide customers with options that are environmentally pleasing, without sacrificing style options.”

Stevens is a leader in the field of embossed in registration technology, as the first manufacturer in the United States to produce material for furniture application. The Legno Collection is the newest in their line of successful woodgrain textures. Success of these lines is supported by the demands of the design world. Designers and architects desire to create a customized space, using rich color and realistic texture, while also meeting the client’s requirements of sustainable, resilient materials.

“Receiving the recognition of an ADEX award is very exciting,” said Amanda Emmerich, Marketing Coordinator. “As Stevens continues to grow and expand our markets, focus on our designs becomes more important than ever. Our customers look to us for innovation and trust us to provide excellent solutions to their creative needs.”

Stevens Industries, Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers of architectural casework and millwork in the United States, with a thriving panels and components division. A 100% employee-owned business, Stevens congratulates all the employee owners on this achievement.

For more information about Stevens Industries, Inc., visit or contact Stevens Industries spokeswoman, Amanda Emmerich, at 217-857-7145.