Case Study: Elevating Cabinetry Design with L33 Serotina TFL

In this case study, we explore a remarkable cabinetry project fabricated by PCW Las Vegas and designed by SK Design. Utilizing Stevenswood's L38 Serotina TFL (Thermally Fused Laminate), the project showcases innovative design, superior craftsmanship, and the versatile applications of our materials.

Designer: SK Design Las Vegas
Fabricator: PCW Las Vegas
Case Study Type: Residential
STEVENSWOOD® Colors: L33 Serotina

L33 Kitchen side view

Client Requirements

The client sought a contemporary, high-quality look for their cabinet doors, emphasizing durability, aesthetic appeal, and cost-efficiency. SK Design’s vision perfectly aligned with these requirements, making L33 Serotina TFL an ideal choice.

Material Selection

Stevenswood’s L33 Serotina TFL was selected for its rich, natural woodgrain appearance and excellent performance characteristics. This TFL offers a sophisticated look with the following advantages:

Durability: High resistance to scratches, impacts, and stains.
Realism: Embossed In Register design and texture for a realistic finish.
Affordability: Cost-effective compared to natural wood and other high-end materials.

Close up of L33 Serotina on kitchen drawers

Design Process

SK Design conceptualized a modern, sleek design for the cabinetry, focusing on clean lines and functional aesthetics. The choice of L33 Serotina TFL played a crucial role in achieving the desired outcome. The material’s authentic woodgrain texture added depth and elegance to the design, while its practical benefits ensured the cabinetry would stand up to daily use.

Fabrication and Installation

PCW Las Vegas brought the design to life with their exceptional fabrication expertise. Their attention to detail and precision ensured that each cabinet door was perfectly crafted, showcasing the beauty of L33 Serotina TFL.

Precision Cutting: Ensured exact dimensions and smooth edges.
Seamless Assembly: Achieved a flawless integration of all components.
Quality Assurance: Each piece underwent rigorous quality checks to meet the highest standards.

Back of Kitchen using L33 Serotina

Project Outcome

The final installation exceeded client expectations, transforming the space with its sophisticated look and high functionality. The cabinet doors not only enhanced the overall aesthetics but also provided long-lasting durability.

L33 Serotina by Stevenswood kitchen cabinets


This case study highlights the transformative potential of Stevenswood’s L33 Serotina TFL in modern cabinetry design. By combining innovative materials, expert design, and meticulous fabrication, SK Design and PCW Las Vegas achieved a stunning and functional space that meets the client’s needs and surpasses their expectations.

For more information about our materials and to see how they can enhance your next project check our our Specifications page where we have insights into technical topics like impact resistance, maintenance and cleaning.

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