Product Feature – Drift Loud, Artika

Drift Loud, G92 Artika Collection from STEVENSWOOD
Embrace the epitome of contemporary elegance with the Drift Loud, G92 design, showcased in a stunning California home. This superior storage solution exemplifies how bold colors and textures can transform a space. The Drift Loud design stands out with its deep, robust tones, creating a striking contrast against crisp white or pearl grey walls.

Superior storage in Drift Loud, Artika texture. This lovely home in California showcases one of our favorite designs – Drift Loud, G92. The deep storage allows ample stage for Drift Loud to shine with bold color and texture. The robust tones of Drift Loud pair beautifully with crisp white, or pearl grey walls.

The Artika Collection was designed to simplify the manufacturing process. It is a complete collection, offering matched high impact surfaces, textured laminate panels, edgebanding, mouldings, flat panel, slab and five-piece doors.

Images provided by National Wood Products – Southern California.

Explore the versatility and beauty of the Artika Collection. Visit our Products and Colors Page to discover how our comprehensive range of textured laminate panels, including the striking Drift Loud design, can elevate your next design project with STEVENSWOOD®.

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